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 Petite Performers Preschool Program

Close your eyes and envisage a world where anything is possible, from fire-breathing dragons to fairy princesses to magical beanstalks and everything in between.

Now imagine being transported to this weird and wonderful world of make-believe once per week.

Our Petite Performers program is designed to do just that! With a wide range of thematic classes, we encourage children (ages 1.5 to 5.5) to explore the limitlessness of their imaginations through costumes, props, music and movement. From ballet to acrobatics to hip-hop, our motley fusion of dance and acrobatics promises a little something for everyone.

Petite Performers Information

Classical Ballet

Ballet is a wonderful form of exercise and an opportunity to develop many skills necessary in life. The study of ballet helps in the development of self-confidence as well as many other benefits including increased flexibility, better posture, toning and strengthening of muscles, sweating out toxins, and many more. Whether you are looking for an after-school activity for your child, or a way to get some exercise, ballet has many benefits for both boys and girls of any age. Classes start from a pre-level for children aged 3 and up (Petite Performers Level 2 or 3).

Students are able to take ballet as a stand alone class. For Silver Medal & above, two classes must be taken per week.


If your child is constantly cart-wheeling, doing tumbles and handstands then this is the class for them! With a focus on strength and stretch as well as floor acrobatics, this dance style will suit those with explosive amounts of energy. Acrobatics will teach your children a variety of skills including cartwheels, back arches, splits and handstands. This could eventually include more difficult skills including walkovers, round offs, hand springs, tumbling and aerials. A combination of solo, group and partner work will be included.

A variety of classes are available for children aged 3 years old and up.


Available from Year 1 and up, Jazz offers a technical base for every dancer that aids flexibility, posture and strength. With up to the minute choreography and syllabus work, the ATOD jazz syllabus is a fun way to learn jazz as well as prepare students for the dance industry. The new and innovative A.T.O.D jazz moves syllabus encompasses many styles such as Broadway, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Funk and Lyrical to name a few.


The A.T.O.D. syllabus is a technically based yet modern and innovative syllabus. Tapping is a fantastic way for your children to learn rhythm, musicality and make music with their feet. Classes progress in a way that allow skills to be slowly built upon from level to level. Tap is offered as a class from ages 3 and up. Between the ages of 3-5 the preschool syllabus (Petite Performers) is used in conjunction with selected Combined classes as an introduction to the genre.

Hip Hop

A more freestyle form of dance, Hip Hop is an arena for dancers from the ages of 4 (Petite Performers) and a different experience to incorporate their own style and flavor. With this in mind, there is still a focus on correct technique including body placement and alignment. This is complimented with Miss Nina’s up to the minute choreography and the outstanding A.T.O.D syllabus that students have the option to partake examinations in.  The Syllabus progresses in a way that allows every dancer to build on skills, strength, energy and dynamics.


Contemporary classes are offered for students aged from 9 years old who are also taking either jazz or ballet classes. Contemporary is a great way to support children’s development in other genres of dance as well. Contemporary dance uses the body’s natural lines and energy to create new movements which have a greater range and fluidity than conventional dance.

Musical Theatre

Musical theater is a form of theater that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. The story and emotional content of the piece plays an important role in this class. If your child has a flair for the dramatic, then this is the class for them!

Stretch & Strength

This class combines many different styles of yoga, Pilates, stretching and strengthening exercises to increase a dancers flexibility and strength. This class can assist with preventing injuries as well as increase skill progression in all dance styles & acrobatics.

Adult Dance

We have regular classes from week to week in the styles of Jazz, Contemporary & Tap. Workshops will be held every term in a variety of styles including Hip Hop & Ballet.

Performance Troupe

This is a fun opportunity for students to participate in more performance opportunities throughout the year. We select family friendly competitions only that we believe are fun & stress-free. Students are required to commit to weekly classes as well as 3 – 4 performances per year.

Extra rehearsals may also be required outside regular classes for learning new routines and preparing for upcoming performances.


Under 10: 

Students must be taking a minimum of 2 technical classes per week. Jazz or ballet is a requirement.

Under 12:

Students must be taking a minimum of 2 technical classes per week. Jazz or ballet is a requirement.

Under 16:

Students must be taking a minimum of 3 technical classes per week (depending on style). Jazz or ballet is a requirement.

Acro Troupe:

Students under 10: Must be taking Acrobatics & 1 other dance genre per week (or 2 Acro classes).

Students over 10: Must be taking Acrobatics & 2 other dance genres per week.

Students performing in individual routines may require less. Contact Claire for further info.

Solos, Duos & Trios

Please contact the Dance Energy Team for further information if interested.