Claire and the dance energy team offer a fun, friendly approach to dance with enthusiasm which is infectious! My daughter had lost her love of dance at another studio and Claire and her team totally turned that around. Now she loves dance again and has gained so much in confidence and ability she hopes to be a dance teacher herself one day. Thank you so much!

Louise – Parent

There are honestly no words to describe how incredible this studio is. Miss Claire and her dance Fambam (special shout out to Mama Jan and Sarah) are amazing!!! They are always so welcoming and helpful, it’s a delight to bring my girls to such a loving, fun and laughter filled environment!

Billie – Parent

Claire is wonderful and so encouraging! Can’t thank her enough for getting Tahli involved and loving dancing.

Jade – Parent

“With only a short time before it really is Christmas day, I wanted to finally put these few words together and press send. Honestly, I have started a few times but too many tears came and I was blinded…

Miss Claire, what an honour for Aimee to receive your award. Thank you for that privilege and your extreme generosity. She was shocked and very grateful. She does allow herself a smile when she is congratulated… People don’t like a show off you know!!! She really has soared under your instruction and influence and receiving the award has cemented her love for dance and her belief in herself. Her growth over the last year has seen her take control of her self doubt and turn that energy into action. She truly takes strength and encouragement from you, your words, your actions. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to dance solo, something she would never have contemplated had it not been for your belief in her. She takes comfort and can focus knowing that you believe in her.

You are such an inspirational and positive role model for all your students. I’m sure I have told you that but be prepared to hear it again. You are an amazing young woman. Thank you for you.”

Kylie – Parent

Such a great Dance company, my daughters confidence has just grown so much in the
time she has been at Dance Energy. Just such a positive encouraging Dance School.

Cassandara – Parent

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Awesome. I have never seen my daughter as happy as when she is doing acro. She is
inspired and motivated to give it her best. The team are like one big family. They are so
passionate, committed and friendly. Thank you Dance Energy team.

Jennifer – Parent

Awesome dance studio!! Friendly kind and caring to all students. My children couldn’t be happier. Thanks Claire and the team.

Felicity – Parent

Just amazing. My 5 year old started at Dance Energy in its first year (2013), followed by
myself last year, and now my son is joining in on the fun for 2015! Claire is so dedicated to
what she does, and it really shows in the way the studio has grown and developed over
these past couple of years. I am so grateful to have my family be a part of this dance
school, and to see my children (and me!) develop strength and confidence while doing
something so enjoyable!! Thank you Dance Energy x

Anna – Parent & Student

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Dance Energy Studios is a beautiful family orientated, friendly, relaxed, but highly professional dance school that is very welcoming, and gets results! My girls look so forward to their classes each week and are eager to share all they have learnt once they get home. They speak of their teachers as their role models and their friends. A lovely atmosphere all round. I highly recommend Dance Energy!

Nicala – Parent

We would definitely recommend Dance Energy to anyone whose child has a love of
dance, whether they are a toddler or a teen! Our two daughters look forward to going to
dance every week, and come home from classes buzzing with excitement! Claire and the
Dance Energy team have provided such self confidence, happiness, and beautiful friends
for our girls. They have provided amazing opportunities, wonderful dance tuition,
experiences and memories that our family will treasure forever. Dance Energy is such a
warm, welcoming and fun family environment. We would like to thank Claire, Jan and the
whole Dance Energy team for their continual positive guidance and support. You are truly
amazing. Dance Energy Rocks!!! Ange and Joe

Angela – Parent

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“It was fantastic to see you perform tonight. A great idea to incorporate your own dance group into the show and so good that your pupils could watch. I know Cayley really enjoyed seeing you dance… And us parents did too! 🙂

A big congrats to you and your team for putting together such an amazing concert. It’s obvious that so much time, effort and dedication has gone into it…exquisite costumes, a bit of drama to set the scene, the venue, great photos, not to mention all your choreography and the assistance given to us inexperienced mums showing us how to do the hair, make-up, etc (I was really nervous about that at first but it has been a great experience).  So well organised from start to finish and an absolute delight to watch. Our family that came to watch with us tonight said that they thoroughly enjoyed it and they have been through many of their own children’s concerts.

We can’t wait to see what next year holds in store. Cayley always looks forward to her lessons and knows exactly when they are, so I thought I’d better tell her that after the concert you’re having a holiday until after Christmas, then she’ll see you for dancing again. And she gave me her very sad face look and said “I’m going to miss Dancing Claire when she’s on holiday, Mum!”

Hope you enjoy a well-deserved break and we’ll see you in the New Year.”

Helen – Parent

“Well what a fantastic weekend of dance showcase, you should be so very proud of what you achieved this year the children loved it so much you are definitely there idol and deservingly so! We looked for you and your mum before we left to say a massive thankyou I don’t think we will see you now as we move to WA in Jan so a massive thankyou for such a great introduction into dance for Dior! As a dancer myself all my life it is now a dream come true to be a “dance mum” I aim to be as involved and passionate as you Jan! Thanks again and well done on a very successful first year onwards and upwards the sky is your limit! Go dance energy!! X”

Eliza – Parent

My girls just love dancing at Dance Energy!!! The confidence and friendships they have
made will stay with them forever it really is a family friendly dance studio and we will
forever be thankful to Claire & Jan for welcoming us into their dancing family xx

Melody -Parent

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