How to Prepare for a Dance Performance: Top 5 Tips for Dance Parents

Behind every good dancer is a devoted parent

​You’ve driven your child back and forth to dance lessons. You’ve encouraged them. You’ve helped them practice their dance routines. You’ve invested in costumes. You’ve learned how to do a perfect ballet bun.

Now is the big day where the fruits of their labour – and yours – come to fruition: DANCE CONCERT DAY!

Your child might feel nervous or anxious in the days leading up to their dance performance. While this is completely normal, there are some things you, as a parent, can do to help.

Here are our top 5 tips for helping your child prepare for and enjoy their dance performance:

1. Encourage confidence in your child – remind your child how proud you are of them for their accomplishments and how much you’re looking forward to seeing them up on stage.

2. Help your child prepare for their big day – the more details you can take care of beforehand with your child, the less things they will have to worry about on performance day. Help them prepare their costumes, and ensure that you get them to the dance performance with lots of time to spare.

3. Check and double-check their costume – help your child organise their costume in advance. Make sure you check that they have all the right pieces and hair accessories well in advance of performance day.

4. Shower your child in praise afterwards – after your child steps off stage, be ready to congratulate them wholeheartedly – regardless of the outcome of the performance. While not all children will go home with a trophy, the important part is the practice performing and fun associated with dancing!

5. Encourage your child to enjoy the experience – try to take some of the pressure off of your child by reminding them that you will proud of their performance no matter what. Encourage them to smile and enjoy the day!

Good luck, and have fun!
​Dance Energy Studios xx