There’s no “I” in Team: Three Benefits of Teamwork in Dance

Twelve tiny ballerinas, tutus stacked in royal purple topped with matching sequinned tanks, descend gracefully onto the stage, each tiny arm arching with leg extended to the left, every movement timed to the next in picture-perfect unison. Demi-plie. Pirouette. Battement Tendu. With its plethora of intricate steps, all rhythm and timing, this number couldn’t function in perfect harmony without a capital T for teamwork, which has many benefits for children, beyond the ability to dance in-sync.

Fosters Creativity and Learning

When your child steps into the dance studio, they’re entering what we like to call a “brain storm”. A virtual tempest of creative ideas, whirling around a set of pre-determined yet malleable choreography, which produces an intricate, made-to-order number designed to fit the unique personalities (and dancing capabilities) of every tiny human in the group. When your child has an opportunity to exercise their creativity, to contribute to this whirling mass of inventiveness, to share their ideas and have them influence group decisions, it helps them to see the value in “thinking outside of the box” while also informing their ability to participate effectively in a group. Collaborating on a project also creates an unparalleled enthusiasm for learning that is not necessarily inherent to solitary work. 

Harnesses Diverse Strengths 

Working together allows your child to see that every person is inherently valuable, with their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. While one dancer might have a knack for memorising steps, another might have more to contribute when it comes to stylising choreography. When children are part of a dance troupe, rather than working on solos or even duets, they learn how to negotiate their own wants and needs in a group context, which could mean forfeiting ideas that lack consensus, celebrating different points of view and helping to resolve conflict as it arises. By developing these valuable skills, which are designed to cut across disciplines, your child will be better equipped to function in other team-based scenarios, such as school projects and organised sports. 

Builds Trust and Solidifies Bonds 

When children work in close proximity to other children, they are bound to evolve into a tight unit, which follows the mantra of: “nobody looks good unless everybody looks good.” At its essence, this means that no child gets left behind since dance classes are designed to encourage participation and inclusion, as well as to provide opportunities for each dancer to lead and follow, learning to move as part of the whole. When children learn to trust their fellow dance troupers, this fosters a sense of safety that stimulates self-expression and creativity. Children learn how to open up and encourage one another, which solidifies a strong bond and results in long-lasting friendships. 

Dancing in a team gives children a whole whack of transferable skills that will help them to socialise and work well as a part of any team now and into the future. If you’re interested in learning more about our studio, or how your child can reap the benefits of teamwork in one of our high-energy dance troupes, feel free to like us on Facebook or visit our website for more information.

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